Can't volunteer right now? Here's an immediate way you can help!

Want to help now? Help supply one community with needed personal and cleaning supplies today! 

Can't volunteer right now? Help our Diaper Depot

If your schedule doesn't allow you to volunteer right now, you can still help out by keeping our diaper depot stocked for families in need through our Amazon Wishlist.

Need a helping hand?

Call our phone line at 703-957-9727.  Phone line available 08:00 am to 05:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Or fill out our request form in either ENGLISH or ESPAÑOL.

Or email us at .

Want to lend a helping hand?

If you'd like to lend a helping hand, sign up to be an Arlington Community Corps buddy by filling out this form.

About Us

The Arlington Community Corps is a resident initiative to support and leverage existing grassroots efforts to bring the community together and support each other neighbor-to-neighbor, which is crucial to our getting through this pandemic.

We need to ensure that neighbors are helping neighbors. The more of us who can lead, organize, and volunteer, the more resilient we can be as a community and the faster we can recover after the crisis has passed.

What Would You Like to Do?

Request Help

Be assigned a preparedness Buddy from your neighborhood.

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Become a Buddy

Volunteer to be a Buddy to support a neighbor in need.

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Become a Captain

Take the lead in your neighborhood.

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We are actively recruiting Neighborhood Captains. As Captains, your role will be to organize your neighborhoods, person to person.

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We need volunteers to print and/or distribute flyers to their immediate neighbors.

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This neighborhood buddy system is designed so that everyone who needs help has a neighbor who can assist.

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Another objective is to identify existing non-profits and community groups that serve our neighborhoods across Arlington.

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ACC Captain's Guide

The first step is to contact us, and then make sure you are getting in all the communications channels with the ACC.

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If there are current Co-Captains in your neighborhood, try to get to know each other, strengths, why they want to do this, what info and relationships they already have access to.

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Obtain a map of your neighborhood and document existing networks.

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Determine use of current networks, and more demographic details.

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Now that you have your plan and the people in place with their roles, execute your plan

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Leadership Advisory Group

Libby Garvey

Arlington County Board Chair

Abby Raphael

Former Arlington School Board Chair

Christian Dorsey

Arlington County Board Member

John Vihstadt

Former Arlington County Board Member


  • Arlington, Virginia, United States