5) Decide on your plan to meet the goal.

As co-captains, you are responsible for determining how to make sure everyone in your neighborhood who wants a buddy has one. Consider the best action for your neighborhood based on what you already know about it. You can approach this however you like, but this is likely to fall into two steps:

  1. Create the network so you can communicate

Some neighborhoods may already have this going with listservs, Facebook groups, etc. In that case, the co-captains should focus on determining who is left out of those networks and how to best reach them. This may be through flyers, signs posted in the neighborhood, linking up with the neighbors you do know and seeing if you can “tree out” via phone to capture almost everyone. You will want to make sure everyone knows the following:

  • As part of Arlington County guidance, everyone needs to have an emergency preparedness plan and that includes having a buddy. 

  • If you are willing to serve as a buddy or need a buddy, please let Arlington Community Corps know via the following ways:

    • Call us at 703-957-9727

    • Email us at arlingtoncommunitycorps@gmail.com

  1. Buddy people up

Now comes the time to meet our goal of knitting people together with no one left out. Depending on your neighborhood you may want to approach this in several different ways. You can buddy people up, create block or zone leaders, or (if everyone is connected to the internet) use your network to figure this out. 

Note: ACC will be taking requests for buddies at 703-957-9727 and arlingtoncommunitycorps@gmail.com. When the phone or web receives a request for your neighborhood, this will be routed to you via email to connect the requestor with a buddy.

Time required: Depends on you but try to do this within 48 hours.